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“Work from Home” You may be at risk from Office Syndrome

During this period, many people have work from home again with the epidemic. Did you know that working from home can make us vulnerable to office syndrome? Especially if you are experiencing symptoms like these, there is a chance that it is an office syndrome.

Pain in the neck, shoulders and back

Working from Home may require you to use your computer more for work. Online meeting while sitting in the position may require you to bend your neck for a long time. Make the muscles tight. Let’s try a simple solution. Adjusting the chair not too low or too high. And the computer screen should be at the eyes level.

Wrist pain – Triger finger

Stay in the same position for a long time does not affect only the back, but affects other parts as well. The wrists and fingers are prone. Symptoms are caused by muscles pressing on the nerves, and tendon inflammation. The movement of tendons does not flow normally. 

Try getting up and walking more often and stretching the muscles around your hands and fingers at least every hour while working at home. 

Did you know that in 2021, the office syndrome is happening to 80% of office workers in Thailand? And the disease cases are likely to continue to rise. Many people are thinking it’s not a big deal. The best way is to take good care of yourself. Don’t leave it until the symptoms are chronic. 

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