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These are 5 warning signs that Herniated disc is around the corner

Suffering from back pain? Don’t think it’s just normal pain, because it might be “The herniated disc.”

Recovery Me will share 5 checklists to check yourself if you are in pain. It’s a warning sign of a herniated disc. 

– Hip pain radiating down to the leg. It is a pain from the waist or hip and the pain radiates to one leg. The pain may radiate to the buttocks, back of the legs, or may be accompanied by numbness.

Leg weakness. This symptom can be checked by bending the ankle or toe up. Check both sides of legs, one side might feel weaker than the other.

– Raise your legs in the supine position. Let someone help you. Use your hands to support your ankles. Raise your legs until your knees are straight. Put the weight of the leg on the person’s hand. If there is pain in the back down the leg. It is possible that you have a herniated disc.

– Pain in the back, hips, when coughing or sneezing. If this is the case, then you may have a herniated disc.

– Abnormal sensation or numbness. Using a toothpick to prick that area and try to compare it with the other leg to see if the feeling is different. Any person experiencing this symptom should go see a physiotherapist or doctor right away.

Recovery Me Clinic we will definitely take care of you. The treatment will have a duration up to 90 minutes. PMS or Shockwave machine will be used according to each person’s symptoms. The fee for new customer is 990 baht.

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