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The wrong sleeping positions that cause back pain want to lie down to relax but waking up with a backache!

by Dr.Kkwang, a physiotherapist from Recovery Me Clinic

After working hard all day We just want to rest to relieve fatigue And the best rest is sleep. but for some
Sleep isn’t always a good rest. because after waking up Will have to face pain in the body from the wrong sleeping position sure enough

Today, Dr.Kwang ‍ Physiotherapist from Recovery Me Clinic will tell everyone .

⏩ Curled up is a sleeping position that will cause negative effects on the body in many aspects if you sleep for a long time, such as inflamed lower back muscles. The spine is deformed. Pain in the knee and hip area .

⏩ Prone position will also cause the spine to bend more than usual Including pain in the neck muscles as well
⏩ Half sitting, half lying It is a sleeping position that will make the cervical spine pillow. and after working more than usual cause inflammation Neck and shoulder muscle pain can be up
⏩ Lying on your arms, whether bringing your head to your arms Or accidentally lying on top of an arm all over the body. When overlapped for a long time, it will cause neurological symptoms such as waking up, wrist falling, etc.

If you want to sleep is the best rest. You should modify your own sleeping habits. By allowing close people to help you notice how we are sleeping. And if anyone is experiencing pain from sleeping in the wrong position, let Recovery Me Clinic help relieve that pain for you. Guaranteed to sleep better than before for sure ❤️

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