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The 4 properly exercises that can stop the pain

At Recovery Me Clinic, we have physical therapist to treat your pain. ‍ We also have fitness program that is suitable for enhancing your personality and return to sports you love.

Squat helps strengthen the back muscles. This pose when combined with the resistance of the yoga ball while going up and down. Controlling the posture by keeping the body still.

Arch bridge pose helps strengthen the back muscles. While lifting the buttocks up and down, try controlling your back and body stationary on the yoga ball.

Kneeling posture with legs stretched backwards to increase the strength of the buttocks muscles. help transfer the load on the back muscles too much.

This position reduces back pain by increasing strength which help transmit the forces putting on the back of the shoulder blades, buttocks. and thigh muscles.

Some exercises that everyone can do at home. In some positions, we have to rely on specialists who can guide you. Recovery Me Clinic is ready to take care of everyone, and give advice by a specialized physiotherapist.

Now the clinic has a special promotion for new customers for a fee of 990 baht (normal price 2,500 baht)
 The treatment will last up to 1.30 hours with a PMS machine or a Shockwave machine according to each person’s symptoms.

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