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Office syndrome are pain in both muscles and joints of the body, mostly caused by repeating in appropriated action as wrong posture of sitting or standing repeatedly until pain occurs.

After the patient underwent surgery, There will be a long recovery period, which results in muscle weakness, lower blood pressure, as well as pain from surgical wounds will result in more difficulty breathing, such as patients who have abdominal surgery or heart surgery.

In children, movement disorders may be observed. The cause is usually caused by brain disorders, both before and after birth, or partial disorders.

Urinary incontinence is usually observed in the elderly due to slack pelvic floor muscles, decreased sex hormones, weakness sphincter bladder or other illnesses. It is found in females more than males.

The elderly will slowly deteriorate their health, with factors involved in either illness or degeneration of the body with age.

Muscle weakness is one of the health problems of the patient. This may cause patients have poor quality of life, which causes a variety of problems.

Hemi paralysis is a condition in which the body has lost the function of the arms and legs on the same side of body which can be cause by many reasons, but the most common is hemiplegia from stroke.

Shoulder joints stifness or limit range of motion. It is caused by membranes around the shoulder joints becoming inflamed, adhering to, and division forming fibrosis. Abnormal tissue results in less mobility in the shoulder joint and pain or caused by causes inside the shoulder joint.

It’s muscle and fibrosis syndrome. There is a malfunction in the contraction of muscles that cause to inflammatory in muscle. This results in referred pain or Trigger points (Trp) in the muscles or tissues.

Bell’s Pasly is a symptom of weakness in the half-hemisphere of the facial muscles. This makes it impossible to move the hemisphere of the face.

Cobb’s angle measurement must be greater than 10 degrees, with 80% of crooked spinal patients having no obvious cause.

Why do athletes need to prepare their bodies before competing? First of all, it is important to understand that playing or sporting events is an overuse of the body or abnormality from the usual human abilities.

Cardiovascular patients who can do physical therapy are: Patients after surgery or after treatment for heart disease and diseases caused by both the duodenal and peripheral respiratory systems.

FAQs about Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is the science of rehabilitation and maintaining health so that patient can return to daily life according to the most quality of the body performance through manual therapy techniques which are physical therapy tools and exercise tools

It is possible which need to do physical evaluation by a physiotherapist.

The price depends on the symptoms and evaluation of each patient. The price of each treatment will be informed before treatment, which beginning from 250 baht.

Physiotherapy is a treatment without medication, but pain relief creams can be used as appropriate.

“Recovery Me” physiotherapy clinic has doctors. An appointment is required prior to the consultation. 

Initially, you need to consult the physical therapist who will do physical evaluation for the best treatment.

The medical certificate from doctor can be issued after the consultation only. 

Open daily from 9.00 a.m. – 9.00 p.m.