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Self-checking “4 Stages of trigger finger symptoms” before developing to office syndrome

When I sit and work in front of my computer, my fingers suddenly get locked.  This symptom is not normal, because it is one of the reasons that office syndrome may follow.

Trigger finger caused by the inflammation of your flexor tendon at the base of the finger. This causes the fingers to stuck in a bent position when bending the knuckles and you want to stretch them back. 

The symptoms can be divided into 4 stages as follows:

Stage 1: The onset of pain at the base of the finger.

Phase 2: When clenching or stretching fingers, there is a stumble. but still able to stretch the fingers by yourself.

Stage 3:  When the hand is clenched and the finger is locked. You can’t stretch your fingers back. You need to use another hand to help out.

Stage 4: Clenching and unable to extend the fingers to the end. There may be a deformed knuckle joint as well.

Anyone who has these symptoms should not rest easy, because it can cause a state of stiffness.

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