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“Recovery Me” is ready to refresh you

Who is “Recovery Me”?

We are physical therapy clinic ready to treat all your chronic pain, office syndrome, migraine, chronic myositis and etc.

Whether you are a professional athlete or amateur athletes or young office worker who are faced with a popular disease. You might be a person who already depend on the clinic such as bedridden patient. We are ready to take care of you.

We are ready to treat every patient and make you feel better from the first time and can look after yourself.

Why “Recovery Me”?

We take care of you by specialized physiotherapists.  We give consult and give straight answers according to your symptoms.

Use the principles of body structure analysis to determine the cause of the disease. Balance the muscles, bones and nerves with specialized treatment techniques and exercise to be individually designed together with modern tools 

We are ready to fight every pain of everyone! Anyone who is experiencing pain, do not think that It’s okay and leave it. Let “Recovery Me” clinic take care of you.

Recovery Me, Recover You

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