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Quit these activities before getting chronic back pain

We have so many activities to do within a day. Let’s check which activity can cause back pain. 

Aches and pains can occur in different parts of the body, and back pain is one of the part that occur more frequent than others.

Today, Recovery Me will share behaviors that everyone should avoid. Because it increases risk of chronic back pain.

Sitting or standing in the same position for a long time without changing posture. This causes the muscles to work continuously for a long time. Muscles become fatigued and spasm. It also increases the pressure on the spine. causing the structures to bear too much weight.

Sleeping. Of course, staying in the same position for a long time will cause pain. The cervical vertebrae are not on the same level as the sleeping surface. This can result in back pain and neck pain. So, make sure that the mattress is suitable for the body, such as not too soft, not too hard or the pillow is not too high. 

Sitting cross-legged, causing the spine to tilt and twist and the back muscles on both sides of the body unbalanced.  This can also cause back pain.

However, besides various behaviors, there is another factor that can cause chronic back pain.

“Flat feet” it increases the transmission of force to the spine, including the tension of the muscle membrane inside the foot. The back muscles have to work harder as well.

So, if anyone is suffering from chronic back pain right now, Recovery Me Clinic is ready to treat you with a promotion for new customers. Using the service for the first time takes 1.30 hours to check and treat with a fee of only 990 baht! (Normal price 2,500 baht)

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