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Just a wall, you can easily check the symptoms of shoulder bending

Sitting in front of a mobile phone or a computer for a long time causes back bending and shoulder bending. It can cause physical pain and may lead to office syndrome. In addition, it can worsen our personality. Symptoms include: Bend your shoulders forward and your back. Start in a sitting position and then bend in a standing and walking position. Because the spine is tight, the back muscles become weak, the body cannot be straightened, and the arms cannot be fully raised🚶

Therefore, we must check ourselves before it is too late. The check method is very simple, just a wall. Let’s check it while recovering me. Clinic!

⏩ Step 1: Stand behind the wall with your heels slightly away from the wall.
⏩ Step 2: Press the back, with the chin close to the chest, and the neck and head close to the wall.
⏩ Step 3: Open your arms, bend your elbows 90 degrees, and fix your shoulders and scapulae on the wall.

Everyone tries to check themselves in this way. If someone can do it, it means that there are no symptoms, but if someone can’t do it, it is back bending. My shoulder is asking❕

If you realize that you are experiencing back bending and shoulder bending, do not leave, as this will only lead to pain and deterioration of personality. It must be treated through physical therapy. ✨ Let’s restore my clinic ❤

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