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Headache! Is it Migraine or Office Syndrome?

Working all day under the stressful environment, everyone must have some headaches as usual. A headache might not just be a normal headache. because it may be a migraine or office syndrome. How do we know that the pain that we are experiencing is a migraine headache, or office syndrome? Recovery Me Clinic will tell you the difference between these two types of pain.

Migraine headache patients experience a flash of light, nausea and vomiting. Some people may have obvious triggering factors such as bright light, humid weather, stress, temperature, certain hormones and etc.

Office Syndrome Headache is the pain caused from the neck and shoulder muscles are very tight. This cause insufficient supply of blood and oxygen resulting in pain to the head and shoulder area.

Don’t let this kind of headache interfere with your lifestyle.‍ Recovery Me Clinic can cure both types of headaches by proper physical therapy.  Promotion for new and first time customers takes 1.30 hours to check and treat with a fee of only 990 baht! (Normal fee 2,500 baht)

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