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Have you ever observed your own body? What has changed?

Some symptoms developed over time. So, if we don’t check ourselves often, we probably wouldn’t even know until it too late.

They are Hyperkyphosis, Round shoulders and Head forward. These symptoms occur to many people, especially those in the working age. They are caused by remaining in a particular position for a long time. As a result, muscles are unbalanced. The body structure will start to adjust itself in the wrong way. You will see a noticeable change to the body later on.

The longer these symptoms are left untreated, the worse it gets, both in terms of personality and may be followed by office syndrome.

Recovery Me Clinic is happy to give advice and treat you. The treatment will take about 1.30 hours per session. Special promotion for new customers, only 990 baht (normal fee 2,500 baht)

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