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Get to know Khun Jutamas Saelim, Excutive director and Head of physical therapist of Recovery Me Clinic

Recovery me Clinic have selected experienced physical therapists, so everyone has access to effective treatments.

Ms. Juthamas Saelim has more than 4 years of working experience in leading private hospitals. 

and manage private physical therapy clinic.  She used these experiences to design services and treatments for everyone at Recovery Me Clinic.

Experienced in physical therapy in neurological patients.

Hemiplegia during the hospital stay and rehabilitation period after discharge from the hospital

Caring for elderly patients with physical problems who needs to recover so patient can come back stronger and able to help themselves in everyday life.

Caring for patients after surgery, such as knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery and etc.

Caring for bedridden patients at home

The treatment at Recovery Me Clinic is based on the philosophy that taking care of everyone is more than just healing.  Visiting Recovery Me clinic is like coming to a second home.

In addition, we also have a team of physical therapists that are ready to provide care and treatment for everyone on the spot with modern equipment 

So that everyone will have a good experience every time after visiting Recovery Me Clinic.

Recovery Me, Recover You

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