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Check yourself! Stop these activities before getting a herniated disc

Are you currently experiencing back pain? The pain may not be just general pain, because you may be at risk of herniated disc herniation without realizing it. Do you know that these behaviors will put you at risk of being a herniated disc. 

Lifting heavy object that exceeds the strength of the back muscles and with incorrect posture.

 Unexpectedly movement that is too fast and too strong.

Incorrect sitting in the wrong position over extended period of time.

Sitting by bending your back over for a long period of time.

Excessive body weight.

Participated in high impact sports.

Activities with a sudden increase in intra-abdominal pressure where the deep back muscles are not strong or have not properly trained before, such as weightlifting, straining, sneezing while your back bend and etc.

Activities like these shouldn’t be done too often. Recovery Me Clinic can help relieve the pain for anyone with back pain and couldn’t avoid these behaviors. Promotions for new customers. It takes 1.30 hours of examination and treatment with a fee of only 990 baht! (Normal price 2,500 baht)

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