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TikTok is so happy that his back hurts like this. Let Recovery Me help you.

Don’t bear back pain and fatigue any more. Every friend has different activities or hobbies, but trust me. One of the most popular activities that many people like to do is to watch TikTok. Some people sit and watch for a long time and forget the time. However, watching TikTok in the same posture or […]

Combined posture to relieve fatigue when driving for a long time

Pain in the neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, radiating to the head, pain out of the eye socket, some people start to have pain in their arms Are you bored? Time to drive somewhere and then have to come across a long line of traffic jams causing him to endure sitting in the back of the […]

Massage vs physical therapy: what kind of treatment can reduce pain?

When it comes to pain, many people will use it at the earliest.This may be a massage shop, but if you just go for a massage, the pain may disappear temporarily and recover soon. If someone wants to relieve pain for a long time, physical therapy is recommended. So, what are the different benefits of […]

Just a wall, you can easily check the symptoms of shoulder bending

Sitting in front of a mobile phone or a computer for a long time causes back bending and shoulder bending. It can cause physical pain and may lead to office syndrome. In addition, it can worsen our personality. Symptoms include: Bend your shoulders forward and your back. Start in a sitting position and then bend […]

Check yourself! Stop these activities before getting a herniated disc

Are you currently experiencing back pain? The pain may not be just general pain, because you may be at risk of herniated disc herniation without realizing it. Do you know that these behaviors will put you at risk of being a herniated disc.  Lifting heavy object that exceeds the strength of the back muscles and with […]

Quit these activities before getting chronic back pain

We have so many activities to do within a day. Let’s check which activity can cause back pain.  Aches and pains can occur in different parts of the body, and back pain is one of the part that occur more frequent than others. Today, Recovery Me will share behaviors that everyone should avoid. Because it increases […]

Headache! Is it Migraine or Office Syndrome?

Working all day under the stressful environment, everyone must have some headaches as usual. A headache might not just be a normal headache. because it may be a migraine or office syndrome. How do we know that the pain that we are experiencing is a migraine headache, or office syndrome? Recovery Me Clinic will tell you the difference […]

Warm-up! Improve blood flow in the muscles help prepare your body before exercise

Recovery Me clinic brings 4 poses to help you warm up as so that you can run to the finish line without any pain. Stretch your calf muscles by standing up straight. Spread legs slightly then lift your toes up until you feel tightness in your calves. Hold this position for 10-20 seconds. Stretch your front thigh muscles. […]