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4 Great tips for curing office syndrome

Everyone must feel some pain after sitting in front of a screen for a long time. Moreover, if you don’t relax your muscles by stretching them. It may be the reason for having office syndrome.

Recovery Me Clinic will share 4 stretching poses to help prevent the office syndrome.

First, bring your hands together in front of you. Then push it all the way out. Hold for 10-20 seconds. Do this 2-3 times.

Put your hands together above your head. Then stretch to the end and hold for 10-20 seconds. Do this again 2-3 times.

Bring your hands behind your back and grab your wrists. Lower your head down and tilt your neck to the right, while pulling the left hand to the right. Hold for 10 seconds and do it again for both sides.

Lower back push pose.  Lift up your chest and push back. Hold this position for about 20 seconds.

Office Syndrome is not a joke because it can lead to many symptoms, so we should protect ourselves early to prevent Office Syndrome from happening.

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